Why become a member?

Becoming a member of the Centre means joining a community of over 200 feminists.

Sexual and reproductive health for all women is important to us.

We recognise and value women’s lived experiences.

Becoming a member means lending your voice to an independent, primary reference organisation

We send clear messages to the government about how we want women to have access to health services that respect their needs.

We put forth a critical and alternative analysis on the general medicalization of the phases of women’s health.

What are the advantages?

Being a member means being informed

We issue newsletters, job offers, volunteering opportunities, annual reports and other privileged information (as well as information available on our website and social media platforms)!

Being a member means being invited to exclusive workshops

We send invites to exclusive workshops… ideal opportunities for networking and interacting with others.

Being a member means participating in the community life of the Centre

You would be invited to general meetings and public forums and discussions, where voting members can exercise their right to vote.

What is the cost?

The fee is $10 per year. Membership is renewable in April of every year. You could choose to be a member for one, two, three, four, five years… or for life ($200)!

What are the conditions?

Any person who identifies as a woman can become a voting member. All it takes is to fill and sign the membership form that stipulates the following basic conditions: adhere to the values and objectives of the Centre, be a feminist, be for free and accessible abortion, and accept to conform to the Centre’s bylaws.

As of June 2016, any person who does not identify as a woman and any community group or organisation can become a supporting member of the Centre. One must adhere to the same principles as a voting member; however this status does not offer voting rights.

One officially becomes a voting member or a supporting member once the Board of directors approves their candidacy.

I want to become a member or renew my membership

Membership request : Click on this link to fill the online form

Membership renewal : Click on this link to fill the online form

If you rather proceed with a more traditional method, click here to download the membership form, print it, fill it in, and send it to us by mail with your payment at the following address :

Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal
3409 avenue de Lorimier
Montréal, Québec, H2K3X5