The Centre de santé de femmes de Montréal (Montréal Women’s Health Centre) is a feminist, independent community organization comprised of women who work in sexual and reproductive health.


1. Support women in their reclaiming of their own gynecological health
2. Defend and promote the right to free abortion on demand
3. Represent women and demand that their rights and agency are respected by economic and policy decision-makers as well as the health system

In order to fulfill this mission, we have multi-faceted strategies :

  • An information and reference hotline
  • An abortion service, accessible to all women
  • A sexual and reproductive health clinic for women in vulnerable situations
  • A series of workshops offered in women’s organizations as well as to professionals

If you use the services of our Centre or if you wish to support our mission, you can become a member or make a donation.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 514 270-6110!

Our clientele

All women, regardless of their background.

Our activities

Services offered to the general public

  • Abortion
  • Sexual and reproductive health clinic
  • Popular education
  • Information
  • Publications
  • Gynecology information, resources, referrals

Services offered to professionals and future professionals who work with women

  • Training
  • Consulting and advisory services

Expertise in gynecological health

  • Training workshops
  • Professional advice
  • Interviews for the press

Feminist and political representations

  • Networking with partner organizations
  • Representations at the local, regional ad provincial levels
Our distinctiveness

A feminist approach that is holistic, tailored, respectful and collective, and that seeks to break down the isolation that many women face

  • Procedures are kept at a minimum
  • Power and agency are shared with women
  • Constant care to ensure information is easy to understand
  • A team composed solely of women
Our team

Composed solely of women, our team of support workers, nurses, and doctors offer a unique approach when working with women where empathy, attentiveness, and respect are at the heart of each interaction. Team members take the time to share information and dispel any myths while respecting the opinions and emotions of each woman.

The testimonials shared by women who have used the Centre’s abortion services demonstrate their level of satisfaction with the quality of procedures, the way they were welcomed, the non-judgment on the choices they made, as well as the warm and respectful support they received.

The Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal is a preferred space for meeting the needs of women. They could rapidly obtain an appointment, receive support and be respected in the choices they make by a non-judgmental team.

Our values


What it means : the capacity to work together towards the fulfillment of our mission


What it means : the capacity to treat people with attentiveness


What it means : the act of being personally engaged in one’s work, to feel responsible towards one’s mandate and to demonstrate drive and enthusiasm through one’s work


What it means : an attitude that allows one to receive new ideas


What it means : the capacity to perceive what another person is feeling and to be sensitive to their reality

Comments and complaints

We respect your rights and appreciate your comments. Are you dissatisfied with our services? Let us know… Your comments will help contribute to the betterment of our services!  Any complaint will be considered with our full attention and respect. To learn more about the comments ans complaint process, click here!