At the Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal (Montreal Women’s Health Centre), we believe that every woman, regardless of her background or situation, should be able to make the best decisions for her sexual and reproductive health. As such, for 45 years, we have been offering women support, clear and unbiased information, family planning services, as well as community-based care.


However, we recognize that we provide them with much more than that. By informing women of their rights and all of their possible options, we allow them to make free and informed choices as well as give them the tools to navigate other aspects or areas of their lives.


We are, without a doubt, a preferred resource for women, but we would never be able to move forward without the support of the communityWe need this precious support from our generous donors if we want to uphold our commitment to fighting for women’s health rights. An important part of this work involves supporting women who are in vulnerable situations and do not receive sufficient support and services from an overloaded public health system.


  • Newly arrived women
  • Women with physical disabilities
  • Women living with mental health issues
  • Women with intellectual disabilities


Our mission can only be achieved with your support and generosity!