The Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal (Montréal Women’s Health Centre) an organisation renowned for its feminist approach, shares its knowledge and expertise with :

– women who participate in popular education workshops that we give in community and women’s groups,

– professionals and future professionals who attend training sessions at the Centre or elsewhere (universities, CEGEPs, hospitals, Family medicine groups (FMG), and other settings of practice).

Our expertise covers all subjects involved in sexual and reproductive health. We are continually evolving and improving our education and training programs. Don’t hesitate to contact Marianne Rodrigue, coordinator for community development: 514 270-6110, ext. 4., for any question or specific request.

* It is possible to leave a message at all times. Services are offered in French and English.

Popular education workshops on gynecological health

The Centre aims to support women in their reclaiming of their own gynecological health. We offer workshops that allow women to meet and interact as well as receive information and advice.

Workshops aim to :

• share clear, unbiased, and accessible information to all participants;
• allow women to share concrete solutions or preventative measures;
• foster the development of critical thinking so that women can make informed choices about their health;
• break down isolation.

Our expertise covers all aspects of gynecological health:

• contraception
• vaginal infections
• menopause
• menstrual cycle
• abortion
• body image
• sexuality and pleasure
• sexuality after menopause, etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any special requests. Workshop content can be adapted and tailored to the needs of the participants.

Sexual education program for people with intellectual disabilities

In 2017, the Québec government presented the Centre with the Thérèse-Casgrain Equality Award (Prix Égalité Thérèse-Casgrain) for its program “Let’s talk about sex! Educational workshops on sexuality and consent for people living with intellectual disabilities”.
Our program, specifically designed for adults with intellectual disabilities and their families, is seen as a trusted reference on the issue in Québec.

This series of 12 workshops provides an adapted program on sexual education, that is both amusing and practical, which promotes a healthy and positive view on sexuality. It covers the following themes:

• Anatomy of female and male genital organs
• Menstruation and reproduction
• Contraception and sexually transmissible or blood-borne infections (STBBIs)
• Interpersonal needs
• Relationship stages
• Intimate relationships
• Sexual pleasure and sensuality
• Consent
• Internet and social networks

Workshops are offered within community groups well-known to participants and are offered by a team of support workers and sexologists.

Workshop content can be adapted and tailored to the needs of the participants.

Gynecology exam training for nurses

This training is reserved for nurses and aims to teach them how to carry out a gynecological screening as well as undertaking the follow-up. The approach and the spirit of this training aim to establish a sense of trust from the part of women, toward the professional carrying out the gynecological exam.
The training is comprised of a theoretical and a practical component.

Theoretical component
• Develop a respectful approach during the exam
• Gather pertinent information
• Learn different swabbing and sampling techniques
• Develop a global understanding of the context within which the exam is carried out
• Develop a clear understanding of one’s role as a health professional

Practical component
• Perform a gynecological exam on women who have volunteered to take part in the training
• Practice techniques learned during the theoretical training
• Develop the ability to carry out swabbing or sampling techniques as well as other tests with optimal performance
• Develop a critical view of one’s approach so as to perform an exam with the utmost respect

For more information on training, write us at

Volunteers wanted

On occasion, we seek women who accept to volunteer to take part of the training offered to nurses (cytology, PAP tests, or even other STBBI tests (chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV)). If you are interested, you can leave your name at 514.270.6110. However, the trainings are offered on an irregular schedule, and we cannot guarantee that an appointment will be given in the next few months.

Training on the realities of abortion

This training is reserved for doctors, resident doctors, nurses and other professionals. It is offered in the Centre or in hospitals, universities, CEGEPs, etc.
It is a group-based training, lasting from 1 hour to a half-day, and offered according to the availability of the participants. It covers:
• the history and the distinctive aspects of abortion in Québec
• statistical data
• information on methods, procedures, and settings of practice

Unsatisfied with our services?

The Centre de santé des femmes de Montréal is committed to offering quality services. Our staff team values a unique and feminist approach, where empathy, attentiveness, and respect are at the heart of each interaction. Are you dissatisfied with our services? Let us know… Your comments will help contribute to the betterment of our services! We respect your rights and appreciate your comments. Any complaint will be considered with our full attention and respect.